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“Love comes in many forms. It has no boundaries, no judgements and it is the one thing we ALL need, no matter what color, gender, language, religion, love is without judgement and full of compassion. It is what the world needs today. For me, music is one of the art forms that can truly transpire and cut through to any individual. And this concept that Instant Love proposes is a refreshing way to expand ‘borders’ and ‘perceptions.’ And at the same time leaves space for ones own interpretations of personal experiences.” - Tina

A Girl Like You

Why Instant Love?



Kristina Normatova, known as TinaKristina, is a Russian-born musician recording and playing a mix of styles from jazz to funk to psychedelic blues. She is the daughter of legendary Russian musicians, her father is Dimitri Gusev, Russia's leading blues harp exponent and spokesperson of the Russian underground music movement and member of both the Akvarium and Black Mama Dharma Band, and her mother is Gulnora Normatova.

TinaKristina has been performing live since childhood, picking up the bass at age 8. She honed her skills busking with her family on the streets of NYC, then by her teens was traveling the world, playing in bands such as Black Mama Dharma Band, The Savage Rose, Wax Poetic, and Brooklyn Gypsies, and performing alongside Butch Morris, Ladell McLin, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, and Derek Trucks.

In November 2015, TinaKristina released debut EP her “Dark City,” and in December 2016 released the "Babylon" EP featuring songs in both the English and Russian language.

The Original

Edwyn collins


“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins


I've never known a girl like you before

Now just like in a song from days of yore

Here you come a-knockin', knockin' on my door

And I've never met a girl like you before


You give me just a taste, so I want more

Now my hands are bleeding and my knees are raw

'Cause now you've got me crawlin', crawlin' on the floor

And I've never known a girl like you before


You've made me acknowledge the devil in me

I hope to God I'm talkin' metaphorically

Hope that I'm talkin' allegorically

Know that I'm talkin' about the way I feel


And I've never known a girl like you before

Never, never, never, never

Never known a girl like you before


This old town's changed so much

Don't feel that I belong

Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs

And now you've come along, yes, you've come along

And I never met a girl like you before


It's all right

Yeah, it's all right