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8 25 amy nicole atkins
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Alvis: This is stunning! I love this new take on a Ryan Adams song, between women!
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"I wanted the opportunity to produce a song I've always loved regardless of what gender role it's assigned to. A love song is a love song is a love song." - Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins

Why Instant Love?


Nicole Atkins

“A voice that could melt the heart of a devil… When Nicole Atkins sings, she sounds like Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline and Janis Joplin all rolled into one voice.” - NPR

Named Rolling Stone’s "Top 10 Artists To Watch" in 2007 for her debut album Neptune City, Nicole Atkins has appeared on numerous late night TV shows, including  “The Late Show with David Letterman”, “Conan”, and “Later… with Jools Holland”, and featured in media outlets ranging from the New York Times to Time magazine. She has toured throughout the US and Europe, both headlining and also touring with The Black Keys, Mavis Staples, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Primal Scream, Chris Isaak and the Avett Brothers.

Nicole Atkins fourth studio album, GOODNIGHT RHONDA LEE, will be released on July 21st on Single Lock Records. The album, a vintage soul album inspired legendary artists like Dusty Springfield, Candi Staton, Roy Orbison and Janis Joplin, was produced by Niles City Sound (Leon Bridges), with additional mixing by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes).

The Original

Ryan adams


"Amy" written by Ryan Adams


I don't know why I let go 

I want to be your friend 

Flowers grow through my window and I love you again 

Oh I love you oh 

When you laid me down into your beautiful garden 

Flowers in the love of my arms 

Its God shining through to me I guess 


Its God shining through to me I guess 

I love you Amy 


Do you still love me 

I go to the places where we used to 

I feel sad 

I am out here looking for you 


Sometimes I pretend 

Oh I miss you oh 

When you laid me down 

Into your beautiful garden 

Flowers and the love in my arms 

Is God playing evil tricks on me 


Is God playing evil tricks on me 

Oh I love you Amy 


Do you still love me