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We Amplify Love

Hmmmm ... why don't women sing to each other?

In a crazy and often isolated world, we believe that music connects our souls and fosters vital love. We intend to amplify love by creating songs about overlooked and nuanced inter-female relationships. More specifically, we make love songs between women.

With the combination of Richard Gottehrer’s decades of production experience, Allison Zatarain’s drive to seed connection and love, and the global resources of The Orchard, we are creating an epic collection across genres, languages, and the globe.

Experience all tracks on our “living album” via playlists

"Instant Love Volume 1"  stream/buy it here.

Stream The Instant Love Podcast for the backstory.

Watch our Instant Love Nest Series of interviews between women talking art, self-love, making music, and ongoing discovery.

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