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The Instant Love Project

INSTANT LOVE is a cultural experiment through music.

Exhibition 1: Songs Between Women.

What the hell is "gender" and is this vocabulary word limiting us? To understand gender and its spectrum, we are starting with the female side. To date love songs have been largely heterosexual or ambiguous, so we’re going blatant with music between mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and lovers. Through these stories we are exploring ... Why don't women sing to each other? What lives between women? And what happens when a gender sings about itself?

Music has a proven power to unlock feelings, experiences, discussion, understanding, and acceptance ... bringing us closer, without walls, in an instant.

Produced by Allison Zatarain and the legendary Richard Gottehrer at Instant Records and The Orchard/Sony. And of course the songs are magic - Irma Thomas singing Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" - yes please. Nicole Atkins crooning Ryan Adams' "Amy" with a 6-piece band - hell yeah.

Experience all tracks on our “living album” via playlists

"Instant Love Volume 1"  stream/buy it here.

Stream The Instant Love Podcast for the backstory.

Watch our Instant Love Nest Series of interviews between women talking about everything from giving birth to sneaking Ani de Franco albums as a teenager.

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